Creating a Community

Writing is a solitary sport—or it was. It was often believed socially creative people navigated towards standup comedy, TV or film, or even dancing. There are a variety of avenues to express creativity. I choose sitting alone at my desk, letting my fingers fly over the keys and creating something new.

Yet, more and more I find myself being pushed outside my comfort zone. As a day time content writer, I am heavily encouraged to start a Facebook page and create an online community if I want to grow in the industry. As a fantasy writer, publishers advise us need to establish an online following over a year before you publish your first book. It is overwhelming at times.

But then, I text a member of my writing group ( and within a few minutes I get a flood of information and support. After years of writing groups and conferences, I find myself enjoying the social aspect of this supposed solitary profession. Authors do not have push someone down to make it to the top. There is more than enough room for everyone to encourage and support each other in our writing goals.

So as I am finally taking another step and joining this online community, I am excited to branch out and meet others on this world wide web. I’m hoping to find out just how big this world really is.


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