Glitched Reality

BookBrushImage-2019-8-11-8-4026For those that aren’t on my mailing list, I have a new short story from my Hard Wired Trilogy for those that join. Check it out!
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Black market tech and virtual programs are the bread and butter of Marco’s business. When visiting his sister, Ari, his program is hacked, and he
wakes to find armed mercenaries after him. Someone knows too much about him and his family, and nowhere is safe. When reality starts to blur around the edges, he fights to stay free.

Exciting News for my Hard Wired Trilogy


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As I’m getting ready to sit down and write the third and final installment in my Hard Wired Trilogy, I wanted to give something back to my readers. First, I have a short story, GLITCHED REALITY, told from Marco’s point of view coming out next month exclusively for newsletter subscribers at this time—JOIN HERE. It does have a spoiler if you haven’t read book one, but otherwise will be a great insight to what happens to Marco and his mother during book two.



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Also, I have a couple of sales for my other books in the Hard Wired Triolgy. SYNCHED, book two, is on sale for $1.99 for a limited time  during Aug 29-Sept 3. Check it out on Amazon HERE. And for those who haven’t jumped into the series yet, HOOKED is on sale Sept. 1st -7th. Thanks for the support!

Hope you enjoy! ~DeAnna

Synched Cover Reveal & PreOrder

I’m excited to announce SYNCHED is up for pre-order on Amazon and will be released March 8th, 2019. It is the second book in my YA Science Fiction series, the Hard Wired Trilogy.Synched preorder ad

After fleeing her government conscripted life, Ari finds employment with VisionTech and hopes it’s the haven she’s been looking for. But as she begins training, her misgivings grow. Her employer’s façade dissolves, and her role twists into something she never imagined. Thrust inside a virtual world, Ari is caught in the middle of a treacherous political game, where misplaced trust can be deadly. Yet, her only choice is to play or those she loves will be forced to pay the price.

Pre-Order it on Amazon today!

Dark Rising Cover Reveal & Sale

I’m excited to show off the cover for Unholy Alliance, book 3 in my Dark Rising Trilogy. As you can see, Becca has a more power and comes into her own, but at what cost?  DeannaBrowne_DarkAlliance_800

Also to celebrate it’s release, I putting book 2 in the series, Unholy Sundering, on sale for $0.99. Check it out here on Amazon. Enjoy!!

Survival isn’t guaranteed…

DeAnnaBrowne_UnholySundering_800Years ago, dark magicians opened a dimension to another world and unleashed a new power on the earth. Governments toppled, millions died, and magicians became earth’s most feared predator.

After rescuing her younger sister from the clutches of the coven, twenty-four-year-old Becca discovers her enemies have left an unholy gift behind−a demon bound to her sister’s soul. On the run from Ryma and his twisted coven, Becca joins forces with her best friend, Caleb, and a pyromancer who tempts her untrusting heart.
Desperate to protect her sister and her friends, Becca finds temporary safety with a rogue faction she’s not sure she can trust. As war looms on the horizon, Becca is forced to pick sides in a game where survival isn’t guaranteed.

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Jami Gray’s Kyn Kronicles

Jami Gray pulls us into this urban fantasy world filled with danger, love, and intrigue and doesn’t let you go. Thank goodness you don’t have to wait. All five books will be released during the holidays, the last one on January 7th.  Fans of Ilona Andrews will eat them books up. They are up on Amazon and with Kindle Unlmited as well. Enjoy!

Shadow’s Edge – OUT NOW!Shadows-Edge-Ebook-Sml

When the supernatural lurks in the shadows of the mundane, hunting monsters requires unique skills, like those of Raine McCord. A series of deaths threatens to reveal the Kyn community and forces her to partner with the sexy Gavin Durand.

As the trail leads to the foundation haunting Raine’s childhood, she and Gavin must unravel lies and betrayals to discover not only each other, but the emerging threat to them and the entire magical community.

Includes Kyn short: Submerged in Shadows, 1.5 

Treasures from the deep come in all shapes and sizes…

Forced on an unwanted vacation, Raine soon discovers that boredom is the least of her worries when danger washes ashore, bringing unexpected complications.

Amazon Link to Jami Gray 

I also have terrible cover envy with this covers. Love them!!  Congrats Jami for a wonderful series.

A Haunted Giveaway

I recently co-authored a frightening tale and wanted to share it this Halloween. So I’m putting together a giveaway, along with a few other suspicious authors, for all my email subscribers and social media followers.Click HERE to enter. Each action will give you another chance to win the bundle of several full length novels (e-book versions) and a collection of short stories. Check out these amazing authors who will keep you up well into the night. Enjoy! – DeAnna

Cover Reveal: Drowning in Darkness

I’ve delved into my darker side this past year with horror writer Dave Benneman, and we are excited to reveal the cover for our joint thriller, Drowning in Darkness. Fans of Joe Hill and Jennifer McMahon will enjoy this tale of haunting and suspense.  Allie's 2d book cover.png

Seven best friends.

Then they were six.

Forever changed by one night.

For the next twenty years, these friends each try to escape the events of that night, but they can’t run far or fast enough to evade the demons that haunt them. Reunited by chance, they soon recognize the fear living behind the façade each of them has erected. Together they must face the truth or die trying. Who has the courage to confront the past and who will take their secrets to the grave?

RELEASE DATE: Friday October 5th, 2018

HOOKED on Sale for a Limited Time

Fans of Divergent, or Ready Player One have loved HOOKED. On SALE for a limited time or free with Kindle Unlimited. CLICK HERE.

hooked review ad June 14th

When virtual reality surpasses people’s wildest dreams, many struggle to remain in the real world. Sixteen-year-old Ari has watched the financial and emotional cost of virtual reality addiction for years as her father continues barely existing in a VR coma. Unfortunately, her only option to help her family escape poverty is if she studies the one subject she hates and fears: virtual reality programming.

Despite her misgivings, Ari soon develops a rare talent that makes her question everything. Now she must hide her ability or risk becoming a priceless commodity that governments and corporations will fight, steal or even kill to possess. As officials tighten the shackles surrounding Ari, she rebels against her imposed future and searches for a way to save those she loves. Yet, running proves impossible, when the government is always one click away.

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