Thankful for Authors

‘Tis the season of thanks, and I thought I’d expound my list of gratitude by adding some of my favorite authors to it. Some of these books have gotten me through hard times, comforting me like an old friend. Many have inspired me with their well-crafted words. Whatever the case, I am grateful to these wonderful authors for their gifts.



Patricia Briggs – Her urban-fantasy Mercy Thompson Series and Alpha & Omega Series will keep you flipping the pages. I love her main characters. This is a world, I never want to leave. Moon Called is the first book. Thank you Patricia!



Nancy E. Turner – One of my favorite love stories is These is my Words: A Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine. It’s a sweet story based of the author’s grandmother as she settled with some of the earlier pioneers in Southern Arizona. It’s one that I’ll always remember.

John Steinbeck – While Steinbeck isn’t on my binge list, I find a comfort in his beautifully crafted words. They inspire me to be a better author and have changed me for the better. Grab any one of his books and savor his prose.

I hope peace and gratitude find you this Thanksgiving Holiday, and of course, a good book too.



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