Exciting News for my Hard Wired Trilogy


Glitched reality cover 03

As I’m getting ready to sit down and write the third and final installment in my Hard Wired Trilogy, I wanted to give something back to my readers. First, I have a short story, GLITCHED REALITY, told from Marco’s point of view coming out next month exclusively for newsletter subscribers at this time—JOIN HERE. It does have a spoiler if you haven’t read book one, but otherwise will be a great insight to what happens to Marco and his mother during book two.



hooked 2 book ad 3

Also, I have a couple of sales for my other books in the Hard Wired Triolgy. SYNCHED, book two, is on sale for $1.99 for a limited time  during Aug 29-Sept 3. Check it out on Amazon HERE. And for those who haven’t jumped into the series yet, HOOKED is on sale Sept. 1st -7th. Thanks for the support!

Hope you enjoy! ~DeAnna

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