HACKED Cover Reveal

Today, I get to share the final cover for my Hard Wired Trilogy,  HACKED.  It’s be a fun ride with this series, and I’m excited to share it with all of you.  It will be released mid-March. Click HERE to grab your copy on Amazon.

And to celebrate this reveal, HOOKED is on SALE for $0.99for a limited time. Check out my newsletter for other awesome promos and books as well. As always, thanks for the support! ~DeAnna


When virtual reality blurs the lines of the real world, there’s nowhere left to run.

Working with a mismatch group of warpers and VR hackers, Ari has finally found the independence she’s craved as she continues to hone her ability to manipulate virtual reality. Yet being separated from her family and Reed, leaves her life hollow. When newly forged bonds of friendships introduce a romantic opportunity, her guilt over the past frays at her chance at future happiness and leaves her wondering if keeping those she loves safe means cutting them out of her life.

Determined to make amends, she searches for her missing loved ones, but corporate corruption rises to the highest levels threatening to drown her. New weapons are introduced into virtuals where rules don’t apply. As Ari fights for the lives of those plugged in, the distinction between VR and reality blurs, leaving no one safe.


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